HCA Trading and Ideas

Step 1 - HCA Trading and Ideas

HCA trading is a brokerage firm that supplies self-sufficient traders with access to a high quality trading platform, competitive trading fees and timely trade ideas generated by professional traders and research analysts. Trade ideas generated by our contributors range from longer term equity trading ideas, to shorter term CFD trade ideas. Our contributors are free to post ideas across a variety of markets including; equities, indices, commodities and currencies.

Although clients do not need to subscribe to HCA trade ideas in order to trade with HCA trading, those that do will have access to a chat room in which they can interact with our contributors as well as get notifications when new trade ideas are generated.

  • HCA trade ideas subscribers are given access to trade ideas from a number of professional traders and research analysts across a variety of markets.
  • Trade ideas are given on a 'best ideas' basis and are provided as and when they are spotted by the individual traders who spot them.
  • There is no prerequisite number of trade ideas that must be generated each week, therefore some weeks might have none, while others might have many.
  • The focus is on good ideas, not number of ideas per week.
  • The HCA trade ideas subscription fee is R 260 per month.
  • HCA trade ideas subscription fees are paid each month by a recurring membership fee being charged to a subscriber’s credit card or PayFast account.
  • HCA trade ideas are delivered on the Members blog and subscribers will receive email notification when a new trade idea is published as well as desktop or mobile notifications when logged into the site.

*It is very important that traders who subscribe to HCA trade ideas are well versed with risk management and take responsibility for their own trades.


If you would like to subscribe to HCA trade ideas, or manage your subscription, please click on the button below:

Step 2 - Open a trading account

We provide our clients with access to a high quality trading platform with which they are able to trade across most markets, including; equities, CFD’s, indices, commodities and currencies. All trades, including those on offshore equity CFD’s or indices, are done in Rand from a local account. This gives our clients access to global markets without having to take money out of South Africa.

The recommended minimum deposit for an HCA trading account is R50 000, although it is at the individual trader's own discretion.

Brokerage Rates


Product Brokerage rate per trade Minimum rate per trade
South African Equities 0.30% R150.00
South African Equity CFD's 0.20% R50.00
US and Canada Equity CFD’s 4 cents per share USD 15, CAD 25
Other international Equity CFD’s 0.10% varies accourding to country
Forex trades varies according to pair varies according to pair
ALSI R20.00

Clients who would prefer to trade solely offshore in a foreign currency denominated account can open an offshore account with us. Please note that for these accounts, the minimum deposit is $ 10 000.


Product Brokerage rate per trade Minimum rate per trade
US and Canada Equities 1 cent pet trade $2.00
US and Canada Equity CFD's 1 cent pet trade $2.00
Other international Equity CFD’s varies accourding to country varies accourding to country
Forex trades varies according to pair varies according to pair

For a more comprehensive breakdown of applicable fees, or to open a foreign currency denominated offshore trading account, please contact us

HCA Trade Ideas

Clients who trade through HCA trading by making use of either of trading service providers are able to subscribe to HCA trade ideas at a discounted rate of R 130 per month (50% discount).

Opening Accounts

If you have any queries, or would like some clarity regarding any of the above information, please feel free to contact us.