February 22, 2018

PART 1: Building an asset profile

PART 1: Building an asset profile – understanding the characteristic of an asset A fundamental and often overlooked part of any strategy or trading plan is the process of understanding the nature and behavior of an asset before you trade it. Generally, this step comes towards the end of an investment process within the risk... Read more


February 20, 2018

Start by investing

Something that I never really speak about on my blogs, is the idea of long term investing. I have focused a lot on the lessons that I learn and the mistakes that I make with regard to short term trading, but I have never really spoken about either of those in the context of investing.... Read more


February 13, 2018

Figuring out this trading game

I have been involved in markets for actually rather a lot longer than what I realise. In some way or another, I have been trading for something like 10 years now. It’s almost scary to think how fast the time has gone. Nonetheless, 10 years down the line, I think I am finally starting to... Read more


February 6, 2018

Trader Petri blog has a new home – and how to stop myself trading like a fool

I think that it’s been around three years now that I have been writing a bi-monthly blog for Just One Lap, really just about the things that I go through and the lessons that I learn as I progress through this trading journey. I have to give a huge shout out to Simon and Kristia... Read more


January 8, 2018

Busier isn’t always better – Macro doG’s trading results

Recap Macro doG’s 2017 recommended trades: One of our contributors, Macro doG, has done a pretty good job at showing us that we do not always have to trade super actively in order to generate a good return. He’s taken it rather slow and has only done a few trades, although he has managed to... Read more


January 4, 2018

Bitcoin – the hidden opportunity

If I see one more Facebook ad about a six figure trader that has given up his day job to start trading Bitcoin, I am going to lose my mind! First off, if he’s a real six figure trader, he doesn’t have a day job. Second, if he’s a real six figure trader, you can... Read more


November 16, 2017

Winslyn Interview – 31 October 2017

Once again, I had the pleasure of talking with Divan Botha and Chantal Marx about some of the recent happenings in the market, as well as some stocks picks on Winslyn on KykNet. Video below:


October 4, 2017

Winslyn interview – 3 Oct 2017

I had the pleasure of talking with Divan Botha and Chantal Marx about some of the recent happenings in the market, as well as some stocks picks last night on Winslyn. Excuse the hippy hair… I am actually trying to grow it longer and I believe I have entered into what is called the ‘awkward... Read more


September 22, 2017

Power FM Interview 21 Sep 2017 – PPC

We had the pleasure of talking to Andile Khumalo last night on Power FM about PPC and the bidding war happening for the stock. There is an interesting situation brewing here with Dangote, Afrisam and Fairfax all trying to get a piece of the cement pie. Listen to the discussion here:


August 28, 2017

JSE Power Hour presentations

I have had the pleasure of doing a total of three JSE Power Hour presentations with Just One Lap over the last three years. In each one I have tried to address a few of the aspects of trading that I think are needed in order to become a consistently profitable trader. After each one,... Read more