Terms of Service

HCA trade ideas is for the more experienced trader who is well versed with risk management and is looking for a source of timely, quality trading ideas.


We have gathered a group of traders who we consider some of the more consistent traders that we know and asked them to share their ideas with us. It is important to know that we pay each contributor for their trouble by giving them a portion of the subscription fee for each paying member each month.


Why not…? You’re doing the chart anyway. Uploading it takes just very almost five minutes, and the larger the subscription base gets, the more money the contributors make. It’s simple. It is in the best interest of each contributor to give their highest quality ideas, in order for the subscribers to have access to profitable, actionable trade ideas. When the subscriber base has profitable ideas, it will sustain and grow itself and thus mean more income for the already successful traders. Traders are entrepreneurs after all, and multiple income streams is what being an entrepreneur is all about.


Now, some of the guys (and girls) might at a point in time be traders at corporate desks, which means that they are well versed with the rules around transparent and fair trading practices. The ones that aren’t at corporate desks (anymore – and currently none are) have at least been around for long enough to know what the rules are, which means that they too are expected to adhere to them at all times.

That being said, the contributors are not dispensing financial advise nor are they making recommendations to transact in financial instruments, they are merely letting our subscriber base know what they are doing with their own personal money. Subscribers are to understand that they are under no obligation to make trades, nor are they to interpret any and all trade ideas as trade recommendations, be it in the chat forum or on the blog. This means that the contributors will not in any way be liable for the decisions that any subscriber makes.


We have committed to the contributors to not disclose their identities if they so wish, because hey, people have ego’s and clients and from time to time those people get things very wrong. We give them an alias based platform to share their ideas free from public embarrassment, for a potential reward.


If a contributor is getting it wrong more often than not and our subscribers start to feel uncomfortable with that particular contributor, we will ask them to stop contributing to HCA trade ideas and avail an opportunity to a new contributor to join our ranks. Every contributor is subject to this rule, and anyone who is actively trading their own account is eligible to replace them. So if, and probably when, that time comes, a call will go out to the subscriber base, and the public, in search of a new contributor, and a vetting process will begin.


Contributors upload their ideas to the members blog on this website and various notifications are sent out (not SMS’s because they are too old school) when a new trade idea is uploaded. Subscribers can then to log onto the website in order to see the trade idea. The site makes use of push notifications to multiple PC and mobile platforms, so if a user is logged into the website on a browser (perhaps running in the background) on either their phone or on their PC, they will receive a notification when an idea is published. Emails are also sent out to subscribers just in case they miss the push notifications.


The subscription fee to HCA trade ideas is R 260 per month and is paid by a recurring membership fee being charged to a subscriber’s credit card or PayFast account.


It is very important that traders who subscribe to HCA trade ideas are well versed with risk management and take responsibility for their own trades.

If you have any queries, or would like some clarity regarding any of the above information, please feel free to contact us.